Balcony Window Design Ideas

Dec 06, 2021

Balcony Window Design Ideas - Peacoy

The balcony is the most attractive place in your home to keep it attractive and try experimenting with the designs. Let it be an interior apartment on the balcony or exterior, it's the focal point to make it look expressive. Both of them in a perfect combination can leave a long-lasting impression on your friends, family, and guests whenever they drop by on special occasions.

Balcony Window Design Ideas For Your Home

The first-morning place that you have a cup of tea/coffee is the balcony and it has so much to look better when you start your day with.In case you have a small space then your small living room needs to have that special place designed properly to let the same vibe flow.

Home Interior serves multiple purposes in which designing a Balcony plays an important  purposes, a few of which are :

  • They are a great source to let fresh air and natural sunlight enter the room in a controlled way. 
  • They strengthen the representation of your home and make it more visually appealing from both sides.
  • They protect you from excess dust, rain, and heat during drastic weather conditions. 

Design #1


This glass window design for the balcony with wooden frames gives the space a very warm and earthy look. The window is large enough to let sufficient sunlight fall into the room. They come with an easy handle and outswing mechanism and they blend in with the design theme of the balcony.

Design #2

design 2


The balcony window design shown in the above picture with large opaque glass windows fitted within the white wooden frames is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for something that provides you complete privacy. A good living room decor always has fewer colours and designs in a good space.

Design #3

design 3


This balcony window design with grip handles helps you open windows easily and conveniently. They take up a substantial amount of space when you need to open them so make sure you have a large room to integrate them with. They look super pretty to catch the eyes of the viewer.

Design #4

design 4


This uPVC balcony glass design looks impressive and acts as a stunning focal point in this living room. If you see thoroughly, you can see that this big window frame houses two differently sized windows — one regular and one extra-large.

Design #5

design 5


You can also choose this sliding balcony window design with a touch-lock mechanism if you’re looking for something with an easy grip and high security. While opting for sliding windows, do spare a serious reflection on good-quality glazing and the type of glazing.

We hope this blog post has given you a good idea of the types of balcony window designs that are popular in the interior design space these days. So don't waste your time much and go forward with our recommendations.