Why Copperware is a must-have utensil for your home

Jul 29, 2022

Why Copperware is a must-have utensil for your home

Living a modern life has gingerly diverted us to steel, glass, and non-stick cookware but Ayurvedic benefits still lie in that old-school utensil either for cooking or to eat. Copperware, often proclaimed as the “Jewellery of Kitchen” has embellished both kitchenware and technological instruments for decades. But often the thought arises in our mind that is copper utensils in India good for health?

Ayurveda and Relevance of Copperware in India

Ayurvedic metals like copper have significant properties to hold onto the nutritional value of the food and that is the reason it is recommended to use cookware and utensils made out of copper. Copper usage is widely supported by Ayurveda, the oldest and trusted form of health care and life science. For kapha-type people (susceptible to weight gain, coughs, and congestion), copperware utensils play a trump card. Since copper is connected with the sun and fire, Ergo, it increases Agni (Fire) in the body which leads to increased metabolic rate. Copperware sets are proved to be one of the best metals for storing and cooking rice in ultimate freshness as each grain is separately cooked. Drinking water that has been stored in a copper utensil in India overnight is an emerging trend and is no more a fad as there are significant benefits of drinking water in copperware glasses & copperware bottles.

Benefits of Copper Vessels and Drinking Copper-Enriched Water

Copperware is widely known for its health benefits and enjoys a prominent reference in the ancient Ayurveda. And now, not only the Indians but also the western world is embracing copper-infused water for good health. Here are some key benefits of consuming copper-enriched water.

Ideal for weight loss:

Nowadays, the problem of obesity has marked a high pick. There are ample rewards to use copperware utensils for weight loss if consumed appropriately.

The copper-enriched water strengthens the digestion system and can help you lose weight naturally. Consuming copper-enriched water helps effectively break down body fat, which promotes weight loss without much exercise. For the best copper water benefits, consume copper-rich water on an empty stomach, especially in the morning.

 Anti-aging properties:

As we age, our face shows signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness of skin. Copperware Bottles & Copperware Glasses enriched water is a strong antioxidant and has anti-aging properties. Drinking helps in combating free radicals and slows down the aging process naturally.

Reduces hypertension and keeps the heart healthy:

Copper utensils in India help regulate blood pressure and heart rate. Copperware Bottles enriched water helps fight the bad cholesterol in our body and reduce hypertension.

Beats Anemia:

Anemia is caused due by the deficiency of iron in the blood. Consuming water in copper utensils & copper bottles helps increase the iron level in our body. The right amount of copper in our body boosts the iron absorption power of our blood cells, lowering the chances of anemia.

Ideal for thyroid glands:

Thyroid issues are common across a wide range of the population today. Drinking enriched water from copper glasses in India can regulate the level of thyroid secretion in our bodies. The mineral copper activates the thyroid gland and maintains healthy TSH levels in the blood. And one best way to do so is to consume water stored in copper vessels & copper utensils.

 Enhances skin health and aids Melanin Production:

Copperware Utensils have a magic formula for promoting great skin health. The mineral contributes to streamlining melanin production in our bodies. Melanin is a pigment that prevents greying of hair; helps maintains supple and soft skin. Drinking water from a copper bottle boosts skin regeneration.

 Relieves from Arthritis and Joints Pain:

Copperware is widely appreciated for its anti-inflammatory properties. So, if you are suffering from joint pain and inflammation, consuming water from the copper vessel can help relieve pain.

Immunity Booster:

Copper Items in India have antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking copper-enriched water strengthens the immune system and helps in the quicker healing of external wounds and internal infections.

Improves Digestion:

When drinking water is stored in a copper vessel in India, the water slowly absorbs the mineral. The consumption of copper-infused water increases the metabolism rate and promotes digestive system health. The mineral-rich water helps in the faster breakdown of food particles and the healthy functioning of the digestive system. The water also helps in combating bacteria responsible for infections and stomach ulcers and supports the various benefits of copper utensils.

When should you not use copper utensils?

A few measures and care must be taken before storing or eating food from copper utensils in India. First and foremost, unlined copper vessels should not be used. It is always advisable to cook food with lined vessels from the inner side with steel in order to resist the over-consumption of copper which causes stomach and digestion issues.  Also, in case food burns and sticks in the pan then the same pan should not be utilized as it increases the risk of excessive consumption of copper.

In addition to this, acidic food should not be stored in copper bottles as acid and salt react with copper and cause a poisoning effect. It is unsafe to preserve lemon, salt, pickle, curd, or any such food with acidic nature.


The benefits of copper utensils are not restricted at all. The bundle of history and its advantages is similar to a space to explore. We all should choose copper which is a gift of our nature and improve our well-being. Besides this, Copperware from Peacoy is used to decorate the home and give the interior an aesthetic look.