Maximize Living Room area with Quick Decorating Ideas

Dec 07, 2021

Maximize Living Room area with Quick Decorating Ideas - Peacoy

Decorating a small place can be time-consuming and also be painful if you are not prepared with the limited amount of decoratives that goes proportionally with the space.
In her upcoming book, Small Space Style: Because You Don’t Need to Live Large to Live Beautifully (Weldon Owen), to be released on November 13, author and interior design maven Whitney Leigh Morris reveals the beauty in living in less than 400 square feet of space with her husband, son, and two beagles.

The living room is the center of attraction and it needs to be kept just that way to maintain the fancy look of the home. Maintaining the balcony while decorating the living room is the second next thing to monitor.

Choose White Walls

white walls

Whether you have a small living room or some extra large space, will recommend you to go with white background. But our expert designers suggest working with a white-on-white decor theme to maximize that spacious look and feel. Match the furniture with the wall arts or the maximum colors that is been spread in the living room.

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Free Your Floor 

free your floor

Eliminating the unwanted from the useful ones is essential to manage the space and make the living room look casual and appealing. Decorating the living area with some plants in the interior is the easiest way to keep the minimal and pleasant look of the living room.
You can't position things like your sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and such.
Choose ones with revealed legs for the furniture. Chairs and tables with bared legs automatically open up the living room and make it feel more spacious.
Try adding some simple plain rugs to match the vibe and the interior.

Add a Gallery Wall

Add gallery

Let your guest know you more by your wall art. Introduce your passion through the arts. Every living room, small or large, needs a focal point, and we LOVE a good gallery wall. It's personal, pretty, and speaks to the owner's tastes and passions. Let your guests get to know you a little better with this gorgeous piece of art.

Play With Using Light-Weight Curtains

play using light

Curtains won't go out of fashion. They bring color, pattern, and texture, plus a feeling of comfort and peace. For a small living room, think more about function than style.
This will let more light come into the space. Opt for white or pale colors to allow normal light to get in and reflect on the curtains, increasing the light of the living room and giving the appearance of it roomier.

Pick a Statement Piece

pick statement

While choosing showpieces, pick the statement piece that would go along with other showpieces and also with the background. Don't keep the downside of the window part empty but make it look.

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